Prepacked Evacuation Backpack Option #2


Prepacked Evacuation Backpack Option #2

UltraPrep’s Prepacked Evacuation Backpack Option #2 is designed for those who want a kit but don’t necessarily have the time to research what should or shouldn’t go in it. We’ve done all the research and testing for you based around the essentials; Food, Water, Shelter, and Power. To start off with we use a 30-liter capacity Vanquest Backpack made of military spec 1,000 D Cordora. The pack completely clamshells flat so you can easily locate the items. The backpack is also water and tear resistant.


2 Liter Geigerrig Hydration System
2 – 1 Liter Puravai Emergency Drinking Water
Aquamira Frontier Max Filtration System
2 Go Systems Trifecta Survival Shelter/ Bivvy
Alpine Aire Dehydrated Food 3 Day Supply
SOS Food Labs 2,400 Calorie emergency ration
Optimus Gas Stove Cooking System with Striker
SunJack 5-watt Solar Charger
SunJack Rechargeable Lightstick Mini
SunJack Rechargeable Headlamp
SunJack Rechargeable Weather-proof Electric Lighter
Elite Medical First Aid Kit
United Spirit of America Anti-bacterial and Full body Wipes
United Spirit of America Sunscreen SPF-30
United Spirit of America Insect Repellant
Knife Multi-tool
UST Paratinder
UST Micro-fiber Towel
100’ 550 Paracord
Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves


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