Inergy Solar Kodiak Gold Generator Kit


Inergy Solar Kodiak Gold Generator Kit

The Gold Kodiak Kit will give you simple, reliable, off-grid power wherever you need it. Perfect for power outages, camping, and RV’ing, or as a power source for remote cabins. Easy to carry. Quick to assemble. Unlimited fuel supply. Recharges fully in just 3 hours of ideal sunlight. If you plan on connecting external batteries, this kit is for you!

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Inergy Solar Kodiak Gold Generator Kit – PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATOR KIT

Every solar generator kit comes with all the solar panel cables you need to get started, plus a wall charger.
Connect the five (5) Solar Storm 100 Panels and fully recharge the Kodiak in just 3 hours of ideal sunlight.

The included Basecamp LEDs boasts an impressive 400 lumens light output each to illuminate your home
or campsite while only consuming an incredible 6 Watts. Never be left in the dark again.


Kodiak Solar Powered Generator (Qty: 1)
Solar Storm 100 Solar Panels (Qty: 5)
Basecamp LED Lights (Qty: 3)
30′ Solar Panel Cable
6′ Solar Panel Chaining Cables (Qty: 4)
AC Wall Charger – view
Shoulder Carrying Strap
User Guide

WHAT IT CAN POWER – The Kodiak Solar Gold Generator can power just about anything, anywhere.

Smartphones (5-7 watts): 100+ hours
Tablets (25-40 watts): 40+ hours
Laptops (50 watts): 20+ hours
Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 14 hours
50″ LED LCD TV* (65 watts) : 16 hours
Microwave (1,000 watts): 1 hour
Refrigerator* (18 cu ft., 20% duty): 33 hours
Chest Freezer (9 cu ft., 15% duty): 50 hours
Sump Pump (1/3 HP): 2.5 hours
Basecamp LED Light (6 watts): 183 hours

*Energy Star Certified Appliance

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Weight 420 kg


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