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Aquamira Water Treatment 1 oz

Aquamira Water Treatment 1 oz.


Aquamira Water Treatment 1 oz. – Aquamira 1 oz. Water Treatment (Chlorine Dioxide) kills bacteria while enhancing the taste of treated water. Everything you need to treat 30 gallons in the field comes in a compact, lightweight kit and works in virtually every situation. It’s so effective, even the CDC recommends Chlorine Dioxide as the most comprehensive water treatment available.

UltraPrep Evacuation Backpack


UltraPrep Evacuation Backpack

UltraPrep’s Evacuation Backpack is designed for those who want a kit but don’t necessarily have the time to research what should or shouldn’t go in it. We’ve done all the research and testing for you based around the essentials; Food, Water, Shelter, and Power. To start off with we use a 30-liter capacity Vanquest Backpack made of military spec 1,000 D Cordora. The pack completely clamshells flat so you can easily locate the items. The backpack is also water and tear resistant.